Floatation Therapy

At Malvern Serenity we wish to ensure that all our of our clients have a float experience in a comfortable, clean and safe environment.

To ensure this we ask that you complete a full consultation and consent form upon arrival to ensure your safety to float, and the safety to others.

You will be required to provide consent and disclosure on the following:

  • I Agree to shower before entering the Float Tank and not to enter with any oils or creams on my body ( shower is in the room for your use)

  • I DO NOT have any communicable diseases

  • I AM NOT under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • I AM NOT Epileptic of if I am I confirm that my Doctor has certified that my epilepsy is under medical control and will not endanger my floating experience

  • I AM NOT Diabetic or if I am I confirm that my Doctor has certified that my diabetes will not endanger my floating experience.

  • I DO NOT SUFFER OR HAVE NOT SUFFERED from chronic Heart Disease or if I am confirm that my doctor has certified that my condition will not endanger my float experience

  • I DO NOT suffer or possess any existing ear, nose or eye conditions that may be irritated by priorities within the float tank

  • I HAVE NOT Shaved, Waxed, or had laser treatment within 48hours of using the float tank ( exception facial hair shaving)

  • I HAVE NOT had any treatment or tattooing to my body within 48hours of using the float tank that may be irritated by such use. Tattoo healing times and advice on water use of float tank after tattoos should be sought from your tattoo artist in line with healing times.

  • I DO NOT have any cuts of broken skin on my body or if I do I undertake to seal these with the product supplied and understand that these areas may be painful or react adversely to my float experience.

  • I DO NOT have any other undeclared conditions or know of any other factors that may be affected by my float experience

  • I acknowledge that is I contaminate the floatation tank in any way that I will be required to meet the full cost of clean up and refilling, including the loss of bookings ( normally £500-£1000)

  • I understand that the floatation tank uses Epsom salt. And the natural enzymes, botanical extracts and non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products may be in the water and that some people may experience skin allergies or reactions and accept that risk.

  • I understand that the float room and tank may hold a slip danger and undertake to follow all instructions given including use of footwear and indemnify Malvern Serenity for any injury that may occur due to the presence of water or salt deposits.

  • I undertake to leave the float room in the same clean condition as it was at the beginning of my session.